Endless STEM Challenges
Awesome STEM activity for kids! Famous landmark challenge cards!Awesome STEM challenge! Build famous landmarks from around the world.19 toothpick and playdough challenge cards!2D and 3D toothpick and playdough challenge cardsAwesome STEM challenge for kids - write binary code!STEM Challenge- Coding for Kids-4fun-stem-project-for-kids-make-marshmallow-boatsfun-stem-for-kids-build-load-bearing-marshmallow-towersstem-cookie-projects-for-kidsfun-stem-activity-make-cookie-parachutesawesome-stem-activity-build-candy-moleculeslearn-about-buoyancy-with-straw-raftssimple-stem-for-kids-make-straw-rocketsstem-straw-and-pipe-cleaner-towerspaper-helicoptersbuild-a-straw-mazebridge-postersstem-for-kids-build-straw-bridgesstem-challenges-21fun-stem-activity-for-kids-make-a-paper-plate-atomcraft-stick-challenges-for-kids

Endless STEM Challenge Bundle

$29.99 $24.99

The Endless STEM Challenge Bundle combines all of my STEM challenge packs into one easy download. Each activity pack includes easy to follow instructions, challenge cards, record sheets and answer keys.

This pack is ENDLESS meaning that when more STEM challenge activities are created, you will receive them for free.

The pack currently includes:

–>Scientific Method Posters

–> Toothpick Structure Challenge Cards // $3.00

–> Famous Landmark Challenge Cards // $3.00

–> Computer Coding Challenge Cards // $4.00

–> Marshmallow Boat Challenges // $3.00

–> Cookie Structure Challenges // $4.00

–> Straw Challenges // $4.00

–> Craft Stick Puzzles // $3.00

–> Paper Challenges // $3.00

–> Molecules and Atoms // $3.00

And that’s just the beginning!

NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.