Number Bond Write and Wipe Cards
Awesome LEGO number bond write and wipe cards. Build the bond and then solve the missing number. So fun!Fun number bond write and wipe cards. Great number bond activity for first grade math!Super fun goldfish number bond write and wipe cards!Solve popcorn number bonds.Two versions of the number bond record sheets make it easy to differentiate!Solve the number bond cards and then record them on the sheet.

Number Bond Write and Wipe Cards


Number bonds are an amazing tool for teaching kids relationships between numbers, how two parts fit together to make a whole and how addition and subtraction relate to one another.

These four playful sets of write and wipe cards make learning number bonds fun for kids and easy prep for you!

Just print and laminate the cards, grab a dry erase marker, and you’re ready to play. The cards are great to use as math centers, small group activities or individual practice.

To make it easy for you to differentiate, the write and wipe cards include two levels of difficulty:

–> The beginner cards give kids the whole number and ask them to find the missing part.

–> The advanced cards ask students to solve missing parts AND wholes.

And, to take differentiation one step further, the pack also includes two versions of record sheets:

–> The beginner sheets have children copy the triangular number bonds.

–> The advanced sheets ask kids to write all four equations that can be made with the number bond.


Subtraction Write and Wipe Cards

Addition Write and Wipe Cards