States of Matter Activity Pack
Tons of fun states of matter activities for kids!States of Matter PostersStates of Matter Flap BookStates of Matter Flap Books!States of Matter Clip Cards!States of Matter Clip and Sort!States of Matter Science JournalStates of Matter Balloons!Rainbow-Jar3-635x1024Super-fun-science-for-kids.-Make-the-water-cycle-in-a-bagSimple-Kids-Science-How-Yeast-Works

States of Matter Activity Pack


Make learning about states of matter fun for kids with this motivating, easy prep activity pack!

Inside you’ll find:

  • 8 hands-on science experiments

–> Rainbow Jar

–> Water Cycle in a Bag

–> Yeast Balloons

–> Ice Excavation

–> Mystery Balloons

–> Butter in a Jar

–> Balloon Balance

–> Ice Cream in a Bag

  • Colorful states of matter posters
  • Easy prep science journal for recording results
  • Interactive flap book
  • Clip and sort activity
  • States of matter clip cards

    States of matter have never been more exciting!