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STEM Challenge: Build Famous Landmarks


Can your kids build the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China AND the Empire State Building in one afternoon?! These 31 STEM challenge cards use real pictures of famous landmarks from around the world to inspire kids to engineer those three sites and so many more.

The STEM challenge cards are a great way to help kids develop abstract thinking, design, engineering and building skills.

Just cut apart the cards and grab a batch of your favorite building blocks for some serious STEM fun.

The famous landmark STEM challenge is a perfect compliment to our toothpick STEM structures!

Product Description

Kids will build:

–> Great Wall of China // China
–> The Twelve Apostles // Australia
–> Mount Everest // Nepal
–> Piazza San Marco // Italy
–> The Hollywood Sign // USA
–> Mount Eden Crater // New Zealand
–> Neuschwanstein Castle // Germany
–> Agia Sophia // Turkey
–> The Great Buddha // Japan
–> White House // USA
–> Pyramids of Giza // Egypt
–> Saint Spyridonas Church // Greece
–> Tower Bridge // England
–> Notre Dame Cathedral // France
–> Sphinx // Egypt
–> Golden Gate Bridge // USA
–> Burj Khalifa // United Arab Emirates
–> Leaning Tower of Pisa // Italy
–> Forbidden City // China
–> Jefferson Arch // USA
–> Saint Basil’s Cathedral // Russia
–> Sydney Opera House // Australia
–> Parthenon // Greece
–> Space Needle // USA
–> Taj Mahal // India
–> Eiffel Tower // France
–> Angkor Wat // Cambodia
–> Kukulcan El Castilla // Mexico
–> Easter Island Statues // Chile
–> Empire State Building // USA
–> Colosseum // Italy


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