School is so jam packed that most days, teachers don’t even have time to sneak in a bathroom break.

So the last thing I want is to add any more to dos to your list.

But tracking kids’ work is important. We need to know who’s done what so we can check in with kids who haven’t completed an activity yet or switch out a STEM center once everyone’s finished the first one a couple of times.

That’s why I came up with a quick and easy way to track student’s STEM work: editable checklists!
Editable Student Checklists

Just type in your students’ names once and then print a separate checklist for each STEM center – one for the geoboard challenges, another for the weight set

If you’re using the large clip boxes I showed you HERE, you can slide each list inside its corresponding box so students can easily check off their name every time they complete the activity.

You can even use double sided tape to attach the checklist to the inside of the lid so it doesn’t get misplaced. Major sanity saver!

Editable Student Checklists

If you decided to go with the pencil boxes or Ziploc containers, just paper clip the checklist to the top of the blank record sheets or hang it on the wall above the center.

Whatever option works best for you, I hope the freebie saves you time and sanity this year.

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Editable Student Checklists

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