Fall Number Puzzles

Looking for a great way to review counting with a seasonal twist?  These fall number puzzles are the perfect math center to ring in the cool and breezy fall season. Students will love putting together these fall scenes while reviewing their numbers 1-100.

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Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the number puzzles off one per a page. The puzzles are nice and large for little hands to hold!

I used a different colored crayon to draw a line down the back of each puzzle to help students easily sort the pieces into sets later.

Then, I used my paper cutter to slice along the black lines.

I slid each puzzle into a snack size Ziploc bag to keep the pieces together and put the bags in a pencil box for easy storage.

Viola! Prep was done.

Fall Number Puzzles

To start the number review, I handed out the 1-10 puzzle first so children could get familiar with the activity.

Starting with the number 1, students worked to slid the pieces into the right order: 1, 2, 3, 4…

They were excited to see the fall picture magically appear as they went along!

When the puzzle was complete, children were eager to solve the rest of the sets too so they each grabbed a baggie and started organizing the pieces in numerical order.

Each puzzle had a fun and vibrant fall picture for students to make and the kids loved putting the puzzles together to see what picture they could reveal!

The puzzles were such a motivating way to practice counting from 1-100 like a pro!

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