Playdough Number Games

When a math game and a colorful tub of playdough mix into one activity, it’s sure to be an engaging activity for kids!  Get your students excited about ten frames and number recognition from 0-20 with this fun playdough number games freebie.

Then, hop over and snag some sunglasses number puzzles for even more number fun.

Getting Ready

To prepare the number games, I printed my dough number mats and matching cards onto cardstock and laminated them for durability.

Using scissors, I cut down the black lines on the cards and sorted them by category.

I placed all the ten frames cards in a pile and all the numbers cards in a second pile.

We were ready to begin!

Playdough Number Games

In our small group, I laid out the number cards face up on a table for visibility and made a stack of the 10 frame cards face down to create a drawing deck.

The first student drew a card from the deck and counted the dots on the ten frame.

She determined it was a nine, so she scanned all the numbers face up on the table looking for a match.

When she discovered the whole number 9 card, she placed the match together at the side of the table.

Then, we went in a circle and students took turns pulling a ten frame card from the deck and counting the dots to identify the number.

After we had practiced matching all the numbers, I passed out a playdough mat and tub of playdough to each student.  It was time for a new number game!

I mixed up the number cards and placed them face down on the table.

Each child drew a card, said the number out loud and created its value on the mat using playdough.  

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Ready to get your hands on some playdough and practice this hands-on number activity?

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