15 EDITABLE Math Fact Games

15 EDITABLE Math Fact Games

These 15 EDITABLE math fact games are packed with motivating ways to practice any facts under the sun: addition, subtraction, multiplication or even division.

They make it so easy to create customized math centers for every group in class!


Just type your math facts on the quick start page and they automatically load into every activity so you can quickly print and play.


Simply swap out the math facts when kids are ready to move on – there’s no need to buy a new activity pack.


Create duplicate versions of the same game using differentiated math facts. One group of students can practice addition to 12 while another group of children works on the same activity but focuses on two-digit addition.


–> 4 Editable Pocket Chart Games

–> 4 Editable Board Games

–> 4 Editable Match Up Puzzles

–> 3 Editable No Prep Games


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30 Science Experiments

30 Science Experiments

Science just got a whole lot easier to add into your lesson plans! These hands-on, super cool science experiments are surprisingly easy to set up and use common supplies like baking soda and vinegar.
PLUS, this set also includes a no prep science journal that goes along with the 30 jaw dropping science experiments so kids can easily keep track of their results.

There’s so much included in this set! Check out all the fun details below.

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3D Shape Activity Pack

3D Shape Activity Pack

Learning 3D shapes just got WAY cooler! These engaging, hands-on 3D shape activities teach kids about cones, cubes, cylinders, hemispheres, hexagonal prisms, pyramids, rectangular prisms, spheres and triangular prisms.

They’re great to use as math centers or math lessons in kindergarten, first grade or second grade.

The pack includes:

  • “Parts of a 3D Shape” Poster
  • 27 Shape Clip Cards
  • 3 Interactive Flap Books
  • Clip and Sort Activity
  • 3D Shape Bingo // class set of 30 boards
  • Shape Hunt
  • 6 Build and Read Shapes
  • Spinning Shapes Game

The pack is a perfect compliment to our 2D Shape Activity Pack and Toothpick STEM Structures!

NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.

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Animal Activity Pack

Animal Activity Pack

Teaching an animal unit?! The Animal Activity Pack is a must. The motivating activities teach kids about 6 animal habitats (coniferous forest, desert, ocean, polar ice, rain forest and swamp); animal adaptations (camouflage and migration); and food chains.

The real world photos bring the animals alive for young scientists!

Inside You’ll Find

–> 2 Habitat Flap Books

–> 18 Habitat Clip Cards

–> All About Migration Activity Sheet and Animal Photos

–> All About Camouflage Activity Sheet and Animal Photos

–> Sneaky Camouflage Activity

–> Food Chain Puzzles

–> All About Food Chains Activity

–> Animal Reports

NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.

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Back to School STEM Challenges

Back to School STEM Challenges

Looking for back to school STEM challenges your students will beg to repeat over and over again? You’re in the right spot!

Solve a batch of weight/mass task cards, complete a jaw dropping science experiment with pencils, use LEGO bricks to create a set of building challenges and more!

These five back to school STEM challenges include a variety of record sheets so you can easily adapt the activities for pre-k through second grade.

The set is perfect to use as science experiments, in STEM centers, math stations or as early finisher tasks.

————> Bundle with all of our STEM challenges and SAVE!


–> 15 weight/mass challenge cards

–> 15 length challenge cards

–> 15 building block challenge cards

–>How Many Long? (A hands-on measuring activity)

–> Pencil Through a Bag science experiment

All five STEM challenges include record sheets to help kids keep track of their answers AND easy to follow instructions making it easy for you to lead the activity.

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Brag Tags

Brag Tags

If you need an easy way to reward good behavior, brag tags are a MUST! Just print them on colored paper to make them pop, cut apart the pieces, and you’re ready to start handing them out to deserving students.

Positive praise is the best way to motivate, isn’t it?! Children love collecting the brag tags on binder rings and showing them off to their families at home.

This set includes 30 brag tags including 4 EDITABLE ones! (Check out the list below.)

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Christmas STEM Challenges

Christmas STEM Challenges

Step up your centers this holiday season with five motivating Christmas STEM challenges:

-> Create 15 Christmas images on geoboards,

-> Roll dice to practice counting and addition,

-> Build 15 North Pole challenges with LEGO bricks or building blocks,

-> Design eleven 2D shapes with toothpicks and gumdrops,

-> And complete a motivating candy cane science experiment.

The motivating batch of STEM challenges are perfect to use with small groups or as centers.

It’s the perfect compliment to our 23 Christmas Activities!

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EDITABLE Crack the Code

EDITABLE Crack the Code

There’s nothing quite as intriguing as cracking secret codes so this activity is a must-grab!

As students use their cipher wheel to decode the words, they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even realize that they’re working on beginning coding skills they can use to write computer codes later.

And the best part is that you can practice any words under the sun because the set includes an EDITABLE version!

Practice spelling words, sight word lists, classmates’ names… the sky’s the limit!

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EDITABLE Math Center Labels

EDITABLE Math Center Labels

Whether you use Daily Three, math groups or something else entirely, these editable math center labels make it so easy to customize a station rotation that’s a perfect fit for your classroom.

First up?! Get to work customizing your center cards.

The set includes 48 EDITABLE center cards! (You can check out the complete list in the product description below.)

PLUS, you’ll receive 20 editable color group labels (12 shape groups + 8 color groups).

Or, if you prefer, type your own names onto the set of customizable group labels.

Because the set is completely customizable, the options are limitless!

AND, as a fun bonus, you’ll also get customizable student labels so you can personalize a pocket chart of their math groups too.

The editable math center labels will take your rotations to a whole new level of organization.

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Editable Schedule Cards

Editable Schedule Cards

These editable schedule cards help kids keep track of what’s already happened during the school day and anticipate what’s coming next.

Since the 60 editable schedule cards are customizable, you can easily change the activity names. Just click on the text box and type in a new one!

Ready to work on telling time? Post your favorite type of clock next to the name of each activity. The set includes three versions: digital, analog and a combination of both.

Check out all of the cards included in this set below.

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