Raindrop Ten Frame Counting Center

We get a lot of rainy days in spring, but we don’t let that stop us from having fun!

This raindrop ten frame counting center is the perfect addition to our spring math centers. It’s a great way for preschool or kindergarten students to work on counting and identifying numbers to ten while working with ten frames.

Getting Ready

This math center is a cinch to prep and is easily reused!

I simply printed out the ten frame cards and laminated them so that I could reuse them year after year.

Then I printed out enough copies of the record sheet for my students to each have one.

I placed the sheets, along with some crayons, in a bin on our math center shelves.

Viola! We had a new math center ready to go.

Raindrop Ten Frame Counting Center

This activity works on subitizing (recognizing sets instantly without counting), ten frame recognition, and number recognition.

It’s perfect for Pre-K students and for a review in Kindergarten if students are needing some more ten frame practice in the spring.

We first picked a ten frame card and counted the raindrops. Many of the students in my small group were able to quickly subitize the total:

“There is one missing, so there are 9!” 

Once we knew how many raindrops were in the ten frame, we searched for the umbrella with that numeral on the recording sheet and colored it.

We kept pulling ten frame cards, counting raindrops, and coloring umbrellas until we had found the umbrellas for all of the numbers 1 to 10!

Grab Your Download

Ready for some rainy day fun? Click the blue download button below to grab your copy of the raindrop ten frame counting center and then hop over to find out how to make a cloud in a jar!

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