Sun Fraction Clip Cards

Summer sun means math fun!  Get children’s finger muscles working and their brains firing with these cute summer sun fraction clip cards.  They’re a great math station for soaking in the last bit of summer sun as we head back to school.

Scroll down to grab your freebie and then hop over and snag our mystery number clip cards, too!

Getting Ready

To get the fraction clip cards ready, I printed and laminated them.  Then, I cut out the cards on white cardstock to give them extra durability.

If you’re using them in a classroom, you may also want to laminate them so you can use them year after year.

Then, I snagged some clothespins, playdough and plastic knives so that we could model each of the fractions.

Sun Fraction Clip Cards

Since we had already done some hands-on fraction work earlier in the week, I wanted to check students’ understanding using hands-on and abstract representations.

I sorted the fractions by quarters, halves and wholes. Then, I had each child draw a card and together we created a fraction out of the playdough.

Since our sun was cut into four equal parts, we made a playdough circle and divided it into four equal pieces, too.

Next, we pulled out one of the pieces to match the picture.

I reminded students that the number on bottom tells us how many TOTAL pieces there are (in this case, four). That number is called the DENOMINATOR.

The number on top (the NUMERATOR) tells us how many of those pieces are shaded.

So, now we knew that there must be a four on bottom and one on top.

I modeled how to clip the clothespins onto the correct answer before we moved on to the next card.

Fraction Clip Card Extension Ideas

Once kids were confident with the concept, I showed the children a few different ways to play with the clip cards:

They tried racing a partner, grouping the same fractions and matching to other fractions that were the same but looked different.

The fraction clip cards were great hands-on ways to review fractions.

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