20 out of this world space activities for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade. So many fun ways to learn about space!There is so much variety in these science, math and literacy activities that the outer space pack is perfect for kids from preschool to second gradeLearn about planet characteristics and learn their order from the sun with an awesome solar system hat craftivity.Learn the order of the planets in our solar system with a fun puzzle. Awesome space activity for young astronauts!Study each planet in depth with ready to read fact cards and planet fact sheets.Learn about the sun, moon, earth and other planets with a fun outer space flip book!Complete the outer space flip book as a class with younger students or as an independent project with older kiddos.Teach kids about moon phases with a batch of Oreo cookies!Find out whether the Earth has more water or land with a fun toss and tally game.Build kids' imagination as they write no prep space stories!Practice sequencing, story telling and writing skills while kids take a trip to the moon.Match upper and lowercase letters with a round of Outer Space Alphabet!Practice letter names, letter sounds and letter formation with a set of space-themed handwriting activity sheets!Build early reading skills with two little reader books Space Trip and WhyRoll a sight word alien! It's editable so kids can practice reading and writing any word list under the sun.Depending on kids' ability, play a dice game to work on recognizing 1-6, add 2 numbers together or add 3 numbers!Practice skipping by 2, 5, 10 or review all three at once!Work on AB, ABB and ABC patterns with mini astronauts.Awesome space pattern block mats for preschool and kindergarten. Fun for a space unit!

Outer Space Activity Pack


I love geeking out on outer space activities! You too?! These 20 space activities will have young astronauts exploring, learning and smiling for days.

The science, math and literacy activities have so much variety that the print and play pack is perfect for kids from preschool to second grade.

Product Description

Kids are fascinated by space and these 20 science, math and literacy activities take their excitement to a whole new level.

Science Activities

  • Solar System Hats
  • Space Bingo (class set!)
  • Space Match Up
  • Clip the Planet
  • How Far are the Planets from the Sun?
  • Planet Fact Sheets (Including ready to read summaries for each planet)
  • Oreo Moon Phases
  • More Water or Land?

Math Activities

  • Space Race
  • Pattern Block Mats
  • Comparing Space Rockets (Greater than and less than)
  • AB, ABB and ABC Space Patterns
  • Skipping Stars (Working on skip counting by 2, 5, 10 and all three at once)

Literacy Activities

  • NO PREP Space Stories
  • My Space Flip Book
  • Five Little Spacemen
  • (2) Little Reader Books
  • Outer Space Alphabet
  • Roll an Alien (It’s EDITABLE so you can practice any words under the sun!)
  • Space Race Sight Word Game (Also EDITABLE!)
  • My Trip to the Moon
  • Mini Planet Book


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