Symmetry Mats


Whether you need hands-on symmetry activities or just want a motivating STEM challenge, these symmetry mats are a must-try.

They build students’ problem solving skills while also working on geometry, counting, comparing, AND (of course!) symmetry at the same time. They’re jam packed with learning!

———–> Bundle with all of our STEM challenges and SAVE!

Just print the mats and laminate them for added durability. Then grab a a basket of pattern blocks, pom poms and playdough. Kids will love solving all of the challenges!

You can easily stretch the activity for students who are ready for a challenge by giving them the set of harder challenges or simplify it for children who are new to symmetry by pulling out the easier one.



–> 2 versions of 20 pattern block symmetry mats (easier + harder)

–> 18 pom pom symmetry mats

–> 15 playdough symmetry mats

–> A bonus symmetry monster challenge


“This was an easy center to implement in my math groups. It’s easy for kids to follow, brings out a lot of mathematical thinking/vocabulary and is engaging. Thank you! ” – Miss Robinson’s Geniuses

“These are great for free choice activities and for my elementary art students who complete their projects with time to spare. In this way they make constructive use of their time. Thank you!” – Sandra B.

“I like the versatility of these Symmetry Mats. They align beautifully with our geometry unit and can also be incorporated in our STEM activity bins. I really appreciate how the mats provide a very independent learning experience for all students.” – Beth K.

“This is a great resource for teaching shapes and symmetry. There are multiple materials that can be used – pattern blocks, pom poms, playdough. My children were very engaged!” – Julie C.

“Perfect center, perfect indoor recess activity.” – Amanda T.

“A unique product that kids will love. I love the differentiation.” – Wendy T.