Addition Write and Wipe Cards


These 128 write and wipe cards are an easy and fun way to teach kids about addition. They’re perfect to use as math centers, small group activities or for individual practice.

To play, students look at the pictures on each card and fill in the missing numbers to create the matching addition problem.

When they are ready to take learning one step further, they follow up by writing the complete equation (including the addition and equal sign) on a corresponding record sheet. It’s an easy way to differentiate for different learners.



–> Dog Bone Addition

–> Dinosaur Addition

–> Candy Shop Addition

–> Ocean Addition

–> Pet Shop Addition

–> Gumball Addition

–> Popcorn Addition

–> Bowling Addition


“My students love anything write and wipe! They found this very engaging, love the different pictures. Rotating them around, there are plenty of cards to last a maths session!” – Miss Hunt’s Classroom

“This is a very fun and cute resource. My students were able to use it independently during centers after reviewing expectations with them. A great center addition to our classroom.” – Amy W.

“Great way to reinforce addition skills in centers while also being able to change it up with the themes. I love that there are exit tickets.” – Probably Primary

“My students enjoyed this resource because it was like a game for them! They would race to write and have the correct answer and then erase and answer the next! Very nice for prep once work and use over and over again!” – Taylor D.

“A great reusable resource to help students master addition. A worthwhile resource! ” – Brennan M.

“I used these with small groups. My students loved the practice and I loved how easy it was to use!” – Megan R.



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