Addition Fact Fluency


The Fact Fluency Pack is filled with motivating ways to practice adding 0 to 10. They’re great to use as no prep math centers and games. It’s the perfect compliment to our Addition Write and Wipe Cards and our Number Bond Pack.

All three fact fluency activities come in 12 different versions: one sheet each for the fact 0+ to 10+ PLUS a review sheet for facts that add up to 10 AND a sheet for all facts 0+ to 10+.



–> Addition Race // Spin the fact and graph the sum.

–> Roll and Add // Roll a die, write the addend and solve the problem.

–> Connect Four // Challenge a partner to solve four facts in a row first.


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“Thank you for always making learning fun for my students!” – La classe de Mme 

“A great grouping of centres to help my students review addition skills.” – Brennan M.

“Thanks for making learning our addition facts fun and easy!”  Tomi E.

“This has many great fact fluency activities that are great for practice and easily used at home.” – Brighid H.

“I use this resource for independent work in each of my students fact fluency folders. Thank you!” – Christina M.

“Love all your resources, well made, creative, and engaging!” – Liza W.