Number Decomposition


Help kids discover different ways to make the same number with these playful, hands-on number decomposition activities. The record sheets are perfect for preschool or kindergarten math centers.

The pack provides a quick assessment you can use to differentiate the activities for a variety of learners.

Then kids begin breaking down the numbers 3 through 10 with counting beans, unifix cubes and two-color counters.

The activities are a perfect compliment to our Number Formation Pack and Write and Wipe Counting Cards!

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“My students loved this resource, both as independent practice in the classroom, and review assignments during their remote learning days. It was wonderful to be able to use a variety of manipulatives to keep the activity feeling new!” – Rachel Venuti

“My students love working on building their tower of cubes to show different ways to make numbers.” – Kristin B.

“This has seriously been such a big help with me and my students for ways to make numbers. I also had no idea there were bean counters and I actually bought some because they are so cute and they can play spill the beans! I just love it all!!” – Whitney H.

“My students loved using this especially since their math book only allowed for some practice and with these sheets, they were able to have more practice.” – Anais D.

“I loved using these sheets to get extra practice for kids. They could either color the blocks or use manipulatives to represent the numbers.” – Jennifer F.