Force and Motion Activity Pack


Studying force and motion?! These six science experiments and colorful posters are a must! The easy to follow directions and printable record sheets make the activities perfect to use as science centers, STEM projects or whole class lessons.



–> 10 colorful posters

–> Does it Roll?

–> Racing Ramps

–> Push or Pull

–> Fast or Slow?

–> Domino Bowling

–> Is it Magnetic?

–> Magnet Mazes


The set is a great compliment to our States of Matter Activity Pack!

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“This is a great resource for teaching about force and motion. The posters are colorful and the activities and experiments are perfect for helping them visualize and learn about force and motion. We had a lot of fun in our class.” – Kathy A.

“This was a great resource during distance learning last spring; I used it to help me plan activities that engaged my students. They loved it!” – Danielle S.

“Students were engaged and excited to use this for their learning. I used the resource as one of the stations that students rotated among while in STEAM lab (pre-K through 2nd).” – Mary S.

“These activities were used for a STEM night at a K-2 school. Kids went from room to room trying the different activities. There were many more activities then just these, but these were used! Very fun!” – Amazing Adventures

“My students really enjoyed using these items. It made the science class a lot more engaging and fun. It was a great asset for me to use in my classroom. I would highly recommend it.” – Katie H.

“My students really enjoyed the activities included in this pack. I used this to supplement and support our force and motion unit.” – Bethania B.