Landform Activity Pack


Bring landforms to life for kids! Learn the difference between continents and oceans, dive into the Earth’s layers to find out about plate tectonics, and then study 16 landforms before building mini models of each one.

Students will learn about a canyon, continent, cave, glacier, gulf, island, lake, mesa, mountain, ocean, peninsula, plain, river, valley, volcano and waterfall.



–> Spin and Color Continent and Ocean Game

–> Earth Playdough Activity

–> Graham Cracker Plate Tectonics Activity

–> K-W-L Chart

–> 16 Posters

–> 15 Famous Landmark Cards to Build with Playdough

–> Landform Reports

–> All About Landform Sheet


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“My students absolutely loved this! It’s so thought out and thorough!” – Easy Teaching Tools

“I love all the hands on experiences you can have with this pack! So engaging and fun!” – McCall Schwarz

“I really loved that all of the land-forms had picture examples for my EL’s!” – Charity Brown

“Loved the colored cards for a visual! The students referred to them often. They also loved the tectonic activity with the graham crackers!!” – Katrina E.

“My kids were very interested in science this year. They loved the plate tectonics activity and many of them wrote that was their favorite activity in their end of the year memory book! Thank you!” – Kalin R.