Molecules and Atoms Pack


Teach kids about atoms and molecules with three fun-filled STEM projects!



–> Make paper plate atoms,

–> Solve periodic table mysteries,

–> And build gumdrop molecules.


The Molecule and Atom Activity Pack is great to use as STEM centers, makerspaces or science centers.

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“I always love products from this teacher/creator. I had to develop a STEM curriculum and this product was easy to modify to fit all of my classes from K-5. They felt really important learning about atoms! ” – Danielle M.

“Loved the ideas in this resource! My kids loved learning about molecules with candy and the printables were helpful for organizing and demonstrating their learning!” – Untenured Teacher

“This was a great activity for students to complete virtually and in-person. It is hard to find labs that are easily done in hybrid learning situations, but this one was a hit. Students were engaged throughout the lessons.” – Alexandra S.

“This is a great hands on learning activity to help with visual learners. It really makes the learning process something they remember.” – Heather S.

“This was a great resource to allow the students to see what makes up a molecule. We used these cards and then made the molecule using toothpicks and jubes.” – Trent S.

“My kids were so motivated by this assignment, and it is a great hands-on, visual example for kids with diverse learning styles!” – Courtney Landorf