Playdough Mats


These bright and colorful playdough mats give kids hands-on practice with fine motor skills, upper and lowercase letter formation, letter sounds, 2D shapes, counting and writing the numbers 1 to 10.

It’s a mega pack of playdough activities in one easy download.

Print and laminate the mats, grab a batch of playdough, and you’re all set!



–> 26 uppercase ABC mats

–> 26 lowercase ABC mats

–> 8 two-dimensional shape mats for circle, triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon and oval

–> 11 counting mats for 0-10


Imagine the hands-on fun and learning in store!


“These were great, I printed more than I normally would and kept these in my kiddos boxes. This helped me so much as I started teaching my kiddos how to do centers and it helped them stay socially distanced.” – Michelle R.

“These were a GREAT hit in the classroom. The students already LOVE play-doh but adding these in made it more fun and exciting.” – Kylee L.

“This was a great resource for my special education PreK students! Very visually appealing and easy to setup for a year’s worth of use!” – Kayla J.

“Playdough play used to be a fight between my homeschool kids, but with these mats they’re using the playdough with more purpose and they’re actually sharing mats and colours. Wish I found them sooner!” – Krista R.

“These mats are great! I printed them out on card stock and laminated them for my children who are preschool and kindergarten and they both enjoy these mats!” Rachel W.

“A great resource for the varying needs in my classroom! The play-doh mats help my students stay engaged while also working on fine-motor skills.” – Ashely A.