Ultimate STEM Center Starter Kit


Are you excited to build your STEM center but aren’t sure where to start? This is for you!


The Ultimate STEM Center Starter Kit includes 4 of my most popular STEM packs:


–> 24 toothpick STEM structure task cards

–> 48 famous landmark building challenges

–> 45 geoboard task cards

–> 60 linear measurement challenges


PLUS the starter kit also gives you must-have supplies that make it so easy to set up a colorful center kids will love:


–> Decorative “STEM Center” bunting

–> Colorful scientific method posters

–> EDITABLE labels for pencil box storage

–> EDITABLE labels for larger box storage

–> EDITABLE checklist for student work


Help kids develop abstract thinking, problem solving, teamwork and critical STEM skills with this sanity-saving starter kit.


It’s perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first and second grade!


“I used these for morning work centers to get my students’ brains going in the morning. A really fun hands on choice that my students enjoyed more than morning worksheets.” – Samarrah Haynes

“These bins were a great way to direct my students toward using the materials in a more meaningful way. They used these independently after lunch, which typically has been a restless time. These bins kept them engaged while others finished their lunch and even encouraged the slow eaters to speed up a bit so they could play.” – Jennifer S.

“My 3 and 6 year old have loved all of these activities. I love how simple they are for me while still feeling like they are learning something!” – Cherish M.