STEM Challenge: 4 Seasons of Building Cards


These STEM challenge cards are the perfect addition to your favorite building block center (LEGOS, wooden blocks, DUPLOS… you name it!)

Kids will love using real world pictures as inspiration to build 11 common objects each season!



SPRING-> kite, tree, butterfly, flower, rain boots, watering can, umbrella, bunny, garden trowel, bird, duckling

SUMMER-> popsicle, beach ball, sea star, crab, sailboat, sunglasses, strawberry, shell, soccer ball, fish, sand castle

FALL-> maple leaf, scarecrow, spider, bat, apple pie, candy corn, pumpkin, apple, squirrel, black cat, tractor

WINTER-> mittens, snowflake, pine cone, sled, evergreen tree, gift box, cocoa mug, rose, gingerbread man, penguin, polar bear


The STEM challenge cards are a great way to help kids develop abstract thinking, design, engineering and building skills!

Grab your set (below) and then hop over and snag our Famous Landmark Cards too!


“The complete set of seasons is so good. My students love flipping through it throughout the year to find new ideas and pictures they hadn’t thought of before!” – Jillian A.

“Excellent STEM resource for kindergarten! So appropriate and the students can be successful and independent! Thank you for sharing!” – Heather M.

“I put each season on a little key ring and rotated them as the seasons changed. My students loved them at centres!” – Christine P.

“We’ve used this for the past 2 years when we do our LEGO unit in 1st grade. The kids love it!” – Carol Gehringer

“These are invaluable for stations! I used them year round from PK-5. We use Legos, Play-Doh, and even things from the makerspace. I love how the students have to think abstractly to create the objects.” – Susanne S.