STEM Challenge: Telling Time


These telling time STEM challenges give kids hands-on practice with digital, analog and elapsed time.

Just print the cards on cardstock, cut them apart, and grab a student clock.


Kids will love solving all 6 activity sets:

-> Analog time to the nearest 15 minutes

-> Analog time to the nearest 5 minutes

-> Digital time to the nearest 15 minutes

-> Digital time to the nearest 5 minutes

-> Elapsed time with stories

-> Elapsed time with analog clocks


The pack includes record sheets and answer keys so you can easily check students’ progress!

These telling time challenges are a perfect compliment to our weight, linear and geoboard STEM challenges!


“This is an excellent resource, and loved using it with my students! Will continue to use with my new classroom of older students!!!” – Paige Huggler-Olsen

“My 2nd graders love these task cards! I like how all the sets are differentiated.” – Candice G.

“I teach first grade and this resource is the perfect way to challenge my higher learners!” – McCall Schwarz

“Amazing time cards! Everything I was looking for and more. Thank you!” – Gabrielle F.

“This resource is really perfect for small group. Thank you for your dedication.” – Alisa Anne Whiteman