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These files are copyrighted and intended for single classroom or home use only. It may not be shared with friends, family, or any other person.   I depend on site purchases to be able to continue providing learning resources. If you intend to use this product for more than one classroom or home, please return to our shop and purchase additional sets.   The files are not to be used or sold commercially. Any redistribution or resale of the original files, or of the printed results, including altering or copying of the contents for your own use, or for any other commercial use, is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action.  


Given the nature of the products, I cannot offer refunds on printables. Once I send you the files, the sale is final. But I  will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your order. If you have any problems, please contact me at playdoughtoplato@gmail.com.  


After you download the files, they are yours to keep. You may save the files to your computer and print on your home printer or at a copy shop as many times as you would like.