Square Fraction Activity Pack
Tons of awesome fraction activities and fraction games for kids. Fun ways to learn about denominators, numerators and whole fractions.Awesome fraction anchor chart!Awesome STEM activity for kids! How many different ways can you cover a hexagon with pattern blocksColor a fraction number line! Hands-on way to learn about numerators in fractions.I love this hands-on fraction activity! Denominator clip cards. Great way to learn about the parts of fractions.Fun fraction game for kids! Play Chocolate War. The player with the biggest chocolate fraction wins!Roll and Color Fractions! What a fun way to work on numerators and denominators!Fracton Puzzles! Such a great way to learn about equivalent fraction names.What a great way to compare fractions! Hands-on fraction sort for kids.Hands-on fraction sort! Great fraction activity for kids.Such a fun fraction activity for kids! Play Fraction Bingo!!I Have, Who Has

Fraction Activity Pack


Make learning fractions fun for kids and easy prep for grown ups!

The Fraction Activity Pack is filled with motivating and effective activities that teach key vocabulary like numerator and denominator, parts versus whole, thirds, fourths…

Once kids are ready, they put it all together and read and write fractions on their own.

Product Description

There are so many important steps to really understanding fractions. The Fraction Activity Pack makes learning each piece exciting for kids. The pack is great to use as math centers, whole class activities or homeschool practice.

What’s Inside?

Fractions are Equal Parts

What’s a Fraction? Poster

Equal or Unequal Practice Sheet

Hexagon Challenge


Naming the Numerator

Fraction Number Line

Roll and Color Fractions


Naming the Denominator

Clip Cards


Naming Whole Fractions

Roll and Color Fractions


Chocolate War

Fraction Bingo

I Have, Who Has

Greater Than, Less Than Sort



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