Plant Activities for Kids
21 Must-Try Plant Activities for Kids!Plant Table of ContentsPlant PostersMy-Little-Sprout-House-848x1024 (1)What-an-awesome-kids-science-experiment-Find-the-colors-in-fall-leaves-with-some-simple-chromatography.-Perfect-fall-activity-for-kids-683x1024Kids-Science-Bicolor-Flowers1-622x1024Learn what makes something living.Flower Life Cycle Craftivity. There's a pumpkin version too!Keep track of plant observations in a plant journal!Interactive flower book. Label the parts...Glue the life cycle stages in the right order...Sort objects into categories plants and not plants.Learn about the pumpkin life cycle by sequencing the stages!Practice letter names and letter sounds in one!V is for vegetable, T is for tomato and more!Use the write and wipe flowers to practice 12 word families.Practice greater than, less than and equal by weighing tomatoes.Work on counting, subitizing and number recognition as kids roll to 100!Roll a die and subtract from six!Color and add to ten.

Plant Activity Pack


Looking for fun ways to teach kids about plants?! These 21 science, math and literacy activities are perfect for preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Make a sprout house, try your hand at leaf chromatography, turn a flower not one but TWO colors and more!

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Product Description

The 21 engaging activities include:

Science Activities

–> Plants Are, Can, Have, Need…

–> Parts of Seeds, Plants and Photosynthesis Posters

–> Plant and Seed Labeling Pages

–> Living/Not Living Clip Cards

–> Sprout House Experiment

–> Plant Journal

–> Two Tone Flower Experiment

–> Leaf Chromatography Experiment

–> 2 Foldable Life Cycle Craftivities

–> Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing

–> Flower Interactive Lap Book


Math Activities

–> Roll to # Sheets

–> Adding to Ten

–> Subtracting from Six

–> Greater Than/Less Than Tomatoes

–> Roll and Cover Shapes


Literacy Activities

–> Alphabet Sounds Match Up

–> Handwriting Activity Sheets

–> EDITABLE Flower Sight Words

–> Flower Word Families


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