When it comes to setting up your science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) center, picking the perfect spot can make or break it.

STEM Centers

To do it right, you’ll need two things:

  1. Plenty of room for kids to work and
  2. Enough space to store your supplies

STEM centers are often the most popular spot in the classroom so you want ample area for several children to work at once.

When I’m first introducing STEM centers to pre-k and kindergarten students, I typically only bring out one activity for them to tackle at a time. They might be building famous landmarks from LEGOs or creating shapes with craft sticks and playdough…

Whatever the activity is, the group is pulling supplies from just one box to keep the materials contained and encourage everyone to work together.

For older students, I bring out several bins for them to choose from.

One pair of children might be comparing weights on a balance while another student replicates designs on her geoboard.

Whether there’s just one STEM activity out at a time or several, kids need a designated space to spread out their work and make purposeful mess.

And, to save you time hunting down supplies later, you need to have all of your materials in one spot so that you can easily use your STEM center throughout the day. STEM activities make great morning work, early finisher challenges and choice time options if they’re easily accessible.

So, to help you start brainstorming the perfect spot for YOUR unique classroom, let’s take a closer peek at some inspiring storage and work spaces so you can gather fresh ideas.

Inspiring Storage

STEM Centers

This Google office has plenty of genius ideas! Clear bins so you can easily see supplies, tall shelves to fit plenty of materials… // IziSmile

A few simple plastic bins do the trick in this kindergarten classroom. // Mrs. Byrd’s Learning Tree

One teacher keeps her supplies tidy with a wall of IKEA storage shelves. // Getting Smart

Peg boards can be a helpful vertical storage solution for tight spaces. // Little Bits

And speaking of peg boards, Love 5th Grade put hers to good use too! // Love 5th Grade

Rolling carts are a perfect way to organize materials in extra tight spaces. // The Library Voice

Motivating Work Spaces

STEM Centers

Teach Outside the Box’s amazing work space includes a sitting area, bright rug and colorful sign. (Aren’t those letters fabulous?!) // Teach Outside the Box

This science center has so many options for kids: science books, supplies, and weekly theme! // Pocketful of Preschool

A Bear in 2nd created a cozy little nook for her STEM center. // A Bear in 2nd

Even the top of book shelves can become useful work space! // Talkin’ Pinata Teaching

Stock Your Centers!

There are so many possibilities once you think outside the box and take a step back to consider your options.

Once you look at your space and find a just right spot for your STEM center, hop over and grab our best selling bundle of Endless STEM Challenges so you can keep your center stocked all year long!

STEM Centers