Famous Landmarks STEM Challenge

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My kids are in love with OBSESSED with LEGOs, so I was excited to create a STEM challenge that would stretch their building skills. Voila! That’s how this famous landmark STEM challenge was born.

It’s a cult-favorite! And it’s perfect to use in STEM centers or makerspaces. Grab your set in our shop!

Famous Landmarks STEM Challenge

Prepping the STEM Challenge

Prepping the activity took just a few minutes. I printed the challenge cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and cut apart the pieces.

To help ensure that our set stayed together, I punched a hole in the upper left-hand corner of each card and bound them with a ring.

Famous landmarks STEM challenge cards!

Since I wanted to sprinkle in a little geography into the activity, I printed the map and laminated it for easy reuse. Then, I marked the four landmarks I was going to have the kids focus on that day: the White House, Eiffel Tower, the Giza Pyramids and Kukulcan Pyramid.

Mark the Famous Landmarks on the Map

(Using a vis-a-vis marker on the lamination made it easy to wipe the map clean when we built our next set of landmarks later.)

I printed one planning sheet for each child and we were ready to begin!

Building Famous Landmarks

For this first day, I wanted the kids to work through the complete process of planning and designing their structure before diving into the LEGOs, so I gave each of them a planning sheet.

Big Brother (age 6.5) completed the page on his own but I helped Middle Brother (age 5) by writing down the answers he dictated to me.

Landmark planning sheet

Once the boys had a solid plan in place, they started building their structures. Middle Brother built a replica of Kukulcan El Castilla.

Awesome STEM challenge! Build famous landmarks from around the world.
While Big Brother worked on the Eiffel Tower.

Awesome STEM activity for kids! Famous landmark challenge cards!

The STEM challenge cards were as motivating as I’d hoped!

Grab Your Set

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  1. I really loved your stem activities. I’m prek teacher for HeadStart Greater Dallas and I have a hard time thinking of math activities to challenge my head start students that include math. That’s preparing toward their journey to kindergarten.

    1. I’m so glad our activities are helpful for you and your students, Anita! Please let us know if there’s anything we can help you find!
      Sarah // The STEM Laboratory Team

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