Apple Life Cycle Book

I love teaching about apples at the beginning of the school year. It’s a perfect way to introduce life cycles and students are always amazed at how a tiny seed can grow into a huge apple tree!

Scroll down to grab your free life cycle book and then make sure to hop over and pick up our Hundred Chart Apple Addition for even more apple fun.

Getting Ready

This book was SUPER easy to prep!

I just copied all of the pages front and back to save on paper and then made a stack with the pages in 1,2,3 order.

Next, I punched four staples onto the marks on the left side of the cover page and cut the books apart using the light grey line that ran down the middle.

VIOLA! I had TWO books prepped!

The Activity

The book was perfect to use in small groups.

I started by passing out a book to each child at the table.

Together, we went page by page through the book and chatted about what we saw happening at every step in the apple life cycle.

When we were finished, the children colored the pages.

I paired them up with a partner and they took turns reading through the book several times.

When they were finished, they each signed the back of their partner’s book to show that they’d listened to them read and then students placed the books in their book box to pull out again later.

Grab Your Book

Scroll down and click the blue download here button to grab your free apple book. Then make sure to hop over and snag our apple ten frames for even more apple fun.

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