Pretzel and Marshmallow Structures

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When it comes to simple prep STEM projects for kids, these pretzel and marshmallow STEM structures take the cake.  The hands-on (and tasty!) challenge is a motivating engineering activity for little builders.

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Pretzel and Marshmallow Structures

Getting Ready

Prepping for the activity was as quick and easy as heading to our pantry.

I grabbed a bag of jumbo-sized marshmallows we had leftover from a summer camping trip and pulled out a bag of pretzel sticks.

Fun marshmallow and pretzel structures!

Building STEM Structures

My kids were eager to play with food, so they happily began building. They linked the pretzels together by gently pushing one end into a jumbo marshmallow.

Middle Brother (age 4) started by making flat 2-dimensional shapes including triangles and squares.

Meanwhile Big Brother (age 6) began tackling 3-dimensional structures including triangular prisms…

What a motivating STEM project for kids! Make marshmallow and pretzel structures.

And cubes…

I love this STEM engineering activity for kids. Build with pretzels and marshmallows!

Plus lots of funky, creative unnamable structures.

The simple prep to these STEM structure and the fact that it was edible kept them entertained for an hour. There were endless combinations and possibilities!

Want More?

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