Robot Subtraction Cards

Looking for a fun way to help kids learn how to read and write subtraction problems?! These playful robot subtraction cards are the perfect solution. They are great to use as a math center, STEM box or homeschool activity.

Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I printed the cards on cardstock, cut along the grey lines to separate the pieces, and laminated them to make them reusable.

Then I grabbed a Vis-a-Vis marker and baby wipe (for easy clean up), pulled out a playing die, and printed the record sheet on regular copy paper.

That’s it! The prep was easy peasy.

Robot Subtraction

Big Brother (age 7) has been working on subtraction for awhile now so he knew just what to do.

He grabbed a card and counted the number of robot hex nuts shown. He wrote the minuend in the first circle.

Then he rolled the die (a two!) and crossed off that many nuts. He wrote the subtrahend in the second circle and then solved the problem.

Big Brother grabbed the next card in the deck and continued the fun.

After working his way through the stack of cards, he wrote all of the subtraction problems on a record sheet to gain practice writing the complete equation – symbols and all.

The robot subtraction cards were a motivating way to practice writing and solving equations.

Grab Your Set

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