Symmetry Mats

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One of my favorite things about my STEM challenges is that they teach kids important skills in fun, hands-on ways. In fact, many of our teachers say that’s their favorite thing about them too – next to how easy they are to set up.⁣

Giving students hands-on practice makes learning feel more like PLAY than work so kids stay engaged.⁣ And it’s pure gold for those kinesthetic learners who need to MOVE while they learn!⁣

Maybe that’s why I love this batch of brand new symmetry mats so much… They take “hands on” to a whole new level of fun!⁣

Download your set in our shop!

Getting Ready

To prep, just print the mats and laminate them for added durability.

Then grab a a basket of pattern blocks, pom poms and playdough.

That’s it! You’re ready to dive in and start learning.

Symmetry Mats

Kids will love solving all of the challenges!

The mega pack includes 20 pattern block mats that have kids build a reflection of the design on the opposite side.

You can easily extend the activity for students who are ready for more of a stretch by giving them the set of harder challenges or simplify it for children who are new to symmetry by pulling out the easier one.

Then invite kids to form symmetrical reflections with playdough…

Complete symmetrical images with pom poms…

And find lines of symmetry on monsters!

With so many engaging options, the mega pack takes “hands on learning” to a whole new level!

Grab Your Set

Download your set of Symmetry Mats in our shop!

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