Summer Skip Counting Cards

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Skip counting is an essential skill that makes so many other concepts easier… counting on, counting back, addition, multiplication.  These fun skip counting cards are perfect for review over the summer months to keep skills fresh!

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Summer Skip Counting Cards

Getting Ready

Prep was easy peasy.

I printed off the skip counting cards on cardstock, laminated them for use again and cut them out.

I grabbed some dry erase markers and erasers and we were good to go!

Summer Skip Counting Cards

Summer Skip Counting Cards

I started by separating the cards into the different counting sequences: 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

Since I wanted to start with a quick review, I handed out the ones strip first.

When they completed it, they happily started working through the stack.

Each time they completed the sequence on their own, they checked it against the handy skip counting posters we had on hand for reference.

Summer Skip Counting Cards

Once the students had finished all of the sets, we wiped them off with the erasers and I challenged them to try again without using the skip counting posters.

Ready to Grab Your Set?!

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