Dinosaur Addition Cards

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Whether you’re practicing beginning addition or you’re pulling together a motivating dinosaur unit, these write and wipe addition cards are for you.

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Dinosaur Addition Cards

Getting Ready

Prepping the addition cards took just a few minutes.

I printed the cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and ran them through the laminator to make them reusable.

Then, I made one copy of the record sheet and grabbed a vis a vis marker (dry erase would work just as well!) and a pencil.

Dinosaur Addition Cards

We were ready to play!

Dinosaur Addition Cards

Middle Brother (age 6) grabbed the first card in the pile and counted the brown T-rexes on the left side of the card. Since there were four, he wrote 4 in the first circle.

Next, he counted the pterosaurs and wrote the total in the second circle.

The only piece missing from his equation was the sum so he added 4 + 4 and wrote 8 in the last circle, just after the equal sign.

Dinosaur Addition Cards

He happily worked his way through the addition cards pile until he’d finished all of the cards in the stack.

Dinosaur Addition Cards

Then, since he was ready for a little stretch, he recorded each equation (including the + and = symbols) on the record sheet.

Dinosaur Addition Cards

It was a great way to reinforce how to write addition facts.

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