Robot Addition Cards

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I am always looking for new ideas to keep my students motivated when we review our math skills.  These addition cards are a great way for students to practice adding numbers to 10. The best part is, they have a quirky robot theme!

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Robot Addition Cards

Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I printed all of the pages on cardstock and laminated them for durability.

Then, I cut along the bold lines to separate the smaller robot counters and grabbed our dry erase markers for students to write their answer on the cards.

Tip: It did take some extra time to cut out the small robot manipulative pieces, but you can use erasers or other manipulatives instead if you prefer.

Robot Addition Cards

I decided to play this game with some of my students in a small group to make sure that they knew exactly what to do.

The activity would be added later to our independent math stations for review, once I knew they understood the process.

To start, I chose a card from the pile and the students and I worked as a team to solve the first addition sentence.

The first card picked was the 2+3 addition sentence.

Robot Addition Cards

Together, the students used the robot counters to solve the problem.

One student added 2 counters on the ten frame to represent the first number..1..2!

Robot Addition Cards

Then, another student added 1…2… 3 more counters to show the second number.

Then, we counted the total number of small robots and used a dry erase marker to write the answer…2 +3 = 5.

Robot Addition Cards

The kids were now ready to try the activity on their own.

Each child in the small group grabbed their own card and a stack of small robot manipulatives and worked to solve their own addition sentence.

Once a student had answered the math problem, she erased her answer and put the card back in the pile for another child to use.

Robot Addition Cards

The activity was a great way to practice addition facts and I love that my students could use it over and over again!

Grab Your Download

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