Penguin Addition Practice Game

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Looking for a fun way to get some addition practice this winter? These adorable penguins are here to help!  Children will love dressing their penguins as they solve simple math problems.

With several ways to play, the activity is a great way to differentiate. It’s the perfect compliment to our Editable Math Fact Games!

Penguin Addition Practice Game

Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I simply printed and laminated the pages.

Then I cut out the penguins, boots and winter caps.

Penguin Addition Practice Game

You could also put a Velcro dot on the backside of the boots and hat as well as on the penguins’ head and feet so students could dress their penguins without fear of shuffling the pieces as they reach across the table or search for the correct answer.

Alternatively, you could add small magnets to each piece so that kids could dress their penguins on an upright surface such as a refrigerator (for homeschoolers) or magnetic white board (in a classroom).

Penguin Addition to 20

This penguin addition practice is perfect for kindergarten through 2nd grade because you can choose to focus on penguins 1-10 with younger students or use all 20 with children who are ready for a challenge.

I decided to work on smaller sums this first round, so my kids laid out the penguins from 1 to 5.

Grabbing one piece of winter clothing at a time, children solved the addition problem and then placed it on the matching penguin:

4 + 1 = 5

And 2 + 3 = 5 too!

Penguin Addition Practice Game

Each hat and pair of boots had a different math problem, so it was a great reminder that there are many ways to get each number.

Variations with Addition Practice

If you’re playing the game with a group, you could have each student choose a hat and a pair of boots.

Then call out a sum and invite the students who have the matching hat and boots to dress the penguin. This simple twist turns an ordinary math activity into a fun way to move around the room!

Grab Your Download

Are you ready to work on addition facts to 20 with these cute penguins? Grab your copy by clicking the blue download button below and then hop over to snag a batch of our Editable Math Fact Games!

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