Number Representation Snowmen

Number sense is such an important skill for children to develop. And understanding the concept of place value and representing numbers in different ways is essential in building that number sense.

This super cute snowman is perfect to use for number of the day practice, morning work or math centers and is easy to differentiate for all learners in your class!

Getting Ready

To prep, I printed off the color version of the snowmen and slipped them through the laminator. This allowed the children to use them as dry-erase boards with a white-board marker.

I grabbed some whiteboard markers and erasers and we were ready to go!

Note: I included a black and white version of the snowman in the download (below) so that you could easily print one for each student or even make a little booklet for them.

The Activity

The first time we completed the activity, I gave the children the number that I wanted them to represent: 53.

I said the number out loud and students wrote it in the ‘Number’ box at the top of their page.

(When children worked on the activity on their own later, I gave them the freedom to select any number from their hundreds chart.)

Working together, we completed each section of the snowman.

When asked to write it in words I always get the children to say it and write exactly what they say. This is an important skill for when they work with numbers with more digits and an awesome habit for them to form to assist them if they are having trouble.

For expanded form, we talked about tens and ones and how we could break the number into those parts and then add them back up again.

If children are having difficulties with this part, I do the drawing of the place value first and then go back to expanded form.

Drawing place value is always a favorite!!

I remind children that ‘math drawing’ is clear, quick and easy to understand – not detailed like an art drawing.

I had actual place value blocks on hand for students who found that step hard.

Extension Idea

This activity can also be used for those children who are ready to move to 3-digit numbers as there is enough space for them to show their numbers.

It is an easy way to differentiate, as all children are working on the same activity tailored to their level!

Grab Your Copy

Click the blue button below to download your number snowman and then hop over to try our Snowflake Counting Game and Snowball Shooters too!

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