Mitten Counting Mats

This fun, winter-themed activity is perfect for students to work on a variety of skills for numbers 0-10. Using these mitten counting mats, students will work on number recognition, matching, number formation and, of course, counting!

Getting Ready

This versatile activity can be used in multiple ways!

To prep, I printed the cards on cardstock for durability, laminated and then cut them out.

Next, I took a moment to think about how I wanted my students to show the number in the ten frame on the mat.

I decided to let them roll the playdough into little balls to put in the ten frame this time around, but you could also have students make dots with a dry erase marker or even use fun erasers or counters!

Then, I grabbed a dry erase marker and eraser for each set so children could practice writing the number on the printing lines and we were ready to play.

Mitten Counting Mats

I first played this game with my students in a small group to make sure that they knew exactly what to do.

Each student picked a counting mat from a basket and counted the yellow dots on the mitten to figure out what number they were working on.  In the example below, the child picked the number eight.

Next, she needed to show that number in the ten frame, so she rolled eight balls of playdough and placed each one in a box.

(If you’re short on time, students can draw the dots with a dry erase marker instead.)

Then, she looked through the number cards to find the matching mitten.

Finally, she used her dry erase marker to practice writing that number on the two printing lines at the bottom of the card.

One card after the next, students worked their way through the stack.

When they finished, the children erased their card, cleaned up the playdough and put their counting mats back in the basket for the next group to use.

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