Fall LEGO Challenge Cards

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Our Famous Landmark Challenge Cards have been a huge hit!  So, I was eager to pull together a new batch of building cards with a fall-themed twist! These building LEGO activity cards are perfect to use in STEM centers, makerspaces, or math stations. 

Grab your free set below and then hop over and snag our Landmark STEM Challenge Cards in our shop!

Fall LEGO Challenge Cards

Getting Ready

I printed the LEGO activity cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and cut along the grey lines to separate the pieces.

(If you’ll be using the LEGO activity in a classroom, you may also want to laminate the cards for extra durability.)


I grabbed our set of LEGO Duplos (regular LEGOs would work just as well) and invited Middle Brother (age 5) over to join me.

Fall LEGO Building Activity

To help Middle Brother build his STEM engineering skills, I had him pick up one card at a time and use his bricks to create the object.

He made a maple leaf,




and so many other fall themed objects!  By the end, we had built apples, cats, spiders and more with our Fall LEGO Challenge Cards!

Grab Your Set

Ready to start building?! Click the download button below and then hop over and snag our Famous Landmark Cards  too!

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