Fall Scavenger Hunt

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I love being outside with my students in the fall. There is always so much to see and learning about the changing environment helps children appreciate and understand their surroundings. This fall scavenger hunt is the perfect way to do just that.

Scroll below to grab your freebie that gets your kiddos outside and observing nature all around them. Wanting to learn how to make more opportunities for observations in our classroom?  Take our 5 Day Challenge to set up STEM centers your students will love and to build a system for teaching STEM in your classroom!

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Getting Ready

Prepping the fall scavenger hunt was easy!

I printed off a scavenger hunt, name page and leaf observation sheet for each student.

Then, I grabbed brown lunch bags and glue sticks from the craft closet.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Fall Scavenger Hunt

After reading a few fall books from our classroom library, I told the students that we were going to take a nature walk.

While we explored, each child would collect a couple of objects from the ground and place them in their brown paper bag so that we could share them when we returned to the classroom.

I reminded the class not to take anything off of a living organism – we wanted to leave everything exactly as we found it. For instance, we wouldn’t pull leaves from a tree or pick a flower from its stem.

The children eagerly glued their list onto their bag and wrote their names on the line provided.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

It was time to head outside for the fall scavenger hunt!

Leaf Observation

After our nature walk, we returned to the classroom and worked in groups to compare and contrast the items we found on our nature walk.

After everyone had a chance to share all of the amazing things they found, I passed out the leaf observation worksheets.

Choosing one leaf, the kids worked through each of the questions, carefully documenting their observation.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Then, the kids worked on comparing and contrasting their leaves.

It was fun to see all of the different items that everyone found in nature!

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Grab Your Download

Ready to explore? Click the blue download button below to get your free copy of the fall scavenger hunt!  Then, take our 5 Day Challenge to set up STEM centers your students will love and to build a system for teaching STEM in your classroom!

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