Easter STEM Activities

Hunting down STEM activities for young kids can be overwhelming.

It takes SO MUCH TIME to search through Pinterest piecing together ideas.

But this activity pack will take all of the stress out of making Easter STEM centers your students will beg to repeat over and over again.

Use the activities as party stations, set them out for your early finishers, or use them as stand alone STEM activities…

There are tons of ways to use these bunny-approved centers.

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Peek Inside

All six STEM activities are so quick and easy to set up! Just grab a bag of jelly beans and dive into weight, length and science.

Solve 32 weight comparison cards asking “What weighs more?” OR “What weighs less?”

And keep track of students’ results with handy record sheets.

Then switch to linear measurement and solve 32 more challenges asking “What is longer?” OR “What is shorter?”

Work on scaling, shapes and design by solving 15 geoboard challenges including Easter eggs, tulips, butterflies and so much more.

And finally, do a science experiment that’s practically magic! Young scientists will love turning an ordinary brown egg into rubber. (I promise you will too!)

Download Your Pack

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