Telling Time Match Up

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Teaching children to tell time can take a LOT of practice!  This matching activity makes all of that hard work fun for kids – and it’s a wonderful way to recycle your plastic Easter eggs, too! Telling Time Match Up is great to use as a math center, small group activity or homeschool practice.

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Telling Time Match Up

Getting Ready

To prep this fun learning activity, I grabbed a dozen plastic Easter eggs.  (I bought mine for under a dollar at Walmart!)

Then, I cut the tops and bottoms apart. I connected the tops and bottoms with non-matching colors so my child could work on matching the times and not the colors. I also checked that the eggs closed properly and got rid of any that didn’t seem to connect well.

Fun telling time activity for kids! Match up plastic Easter eggs. Genius!

Next, I wrote matching times on the top and bottom of each egg with a black permanent marker. I wrote one side digitally (3:00) and the other half with words (three o’clock). Sometimes I even drew an analog clock! Trust me, it’s not as hard as it looks!

I love this telling time activity for kids! Match up plastic Easter eggs. Such a clever math center or telling time game for kids.

Telling Time Match Up

Once the eggs were ready, I hid the individual egg pieces around the room and divided the class into small groups. While the others were working on another math activity, I let my first group go on an egg hunt!

You may need to let them know how many pieces are hidden, but you could also let them figure that out as they go for more of a challenge.

When all of the halves were collected, I had the kids spread them all out and start connecting them. They checked their answers with a buddy and then hid them again for the next group.

Note: If you’ll be completing the activity with just one child, you could also put the egg pieces in an Easter basket and just let him explore them on his own.

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