Spring Ten Frame Addition

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Work on beginning addition this spring in a fun, colorful and hands-on way! Build an understanding of counting, combining sets and making new totals with sums to 10 with these free ten frame addition printables.

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Spring Ten Frame Addition

Spring Ten Frame Addition

Ten frames are such an effective way to teach math!

They understand that each square in a ten frame is equal to the amount of one, so they are an excellent way to practice counting, one to one correspondence and combining sets together.

Plus, kids can more quickly see totals on the ten frame since they are familiar with its structure.

These printable pages could not be easier to prepare.  I simply printed off the page I wanted to work on with my small group and added crayons. That was it!  The ten frame addition activity was ready to go.

Spring Ten Frame Addition

The addition pages require two different colors for each equation. Since I was in a small group and could easily supervise and assist, I let my students change up the two colors for each equation.

Depending on your learners, you may want to only use the same two colors for the entire page rather than offering a wide variety.  We enjoyed switching to two new colors each time to give our page a “spring-like” feel!

Our first equation was 3+2, so we placed 3 purple dots and 2 pink dots in the ten frame.

The purpose of switching the colors was to get the visual representation of the two sets of numbers. Using all purple would give us the same answer, of course.  However, we wouldn’t get the visual of 3 and 2 combining to make 5 as we do when we use two colors.

We kept filling in our ten frames to match each equation shown until they were complete.

A fun alternative way to use these printables more than once is to make the dots using Q-tips dipped in paint.  You could also use markers, colored pencils or stickers. Just changing up the materials you use makes solving the same equations brand new and exciting!

Spring Ten Frame Addition

Grab Your Download

Ready to work on addition to 10? Grab your copy of the spring addition ten frame printables by clicking the button below!

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