Farm Animal Puzzles

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Baby animals are one of my VERY favorite things to teach about in the spring. It ties in perfectly with my life science unit and adds some cuteness and “aw!” factor to my lessons.  These animal puzzles are a fun way to give your students some hands-on practice at matching baby animal names to the adults. (Who knew a baby turkey was called a poult?!?)

They’re a great way to start a discussion about each animal’s body type, covering, and how they move as students determine which animals go together.

Farm Animal Puzzles

Getting Ready

To prep the animal puzzles, I just printed the pages, slid them through my laminator and cut out the pieces.

If you have a paper cutter, it’s easiest to chop off the outer edges and then use your scissors to cut through the middle where the puzzles fit together.

Farm Animal Puzzles

Then I paired up the pieces and put matching stickers on the back so students could self-check the answers.

Farm Animal Puzzles

Viola! We were ready to play.

Farm Animal Puzzles

To start, I put the pieces in two stacks: babies and adults.

I had a volunteer pick a card from the baby stack and read the name out loud: lamb.

Before looking through the pile of adult animals to find the pair, I led the class through a few questions to stretch their thinking:

  • What color do you think the adult will be?
  • How do you think this animal moves?
  • How many feet does the animal have?
  • What else do you notice?

The discussion was a great way to gather clues about the adult they needed to find.

Farm Animal Puzzles

I had students whisper their guess to their neighbor before inviting a volunteer to come up and grab the matching puzzle piece.

One by one, we worked our way through all 11 matches.

Farm Animal Puzzles

Then, I placed the cards in a basket for students to work on independently during choice time later.

The puzzles were such a fun way to work on scientific observations and learn more about farm animals!

Download Your Copy

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Farm Animal Puzzles

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