Pot of Gold Base 10 Blocks

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As kids learn to recognize numbers and count to 100 and beyond, it’s important that they are developing an understanding of what each number actually means. For example, what does 63 really mean?  Base ten blocks can help!

This pot of gold base ten block match is a hands-on activity for kindergarten and first grade students to playfully work with numbers in the base ten system. It’s a fun addition to your math centers, along with our awesome Place Value Cover Up!

Pot of Gold Base 10 Blocks

Getting Ready

These pot of gold base ten block puzzles are super simple to prep!

I simply printed out the cards and then laminated them to keep them sturdy. I often print on cardstock since I like to reuse my games and the extra step helps them last longer.

Once I printed and laminated them, I cut the pieces apart on the solid black line until I had 20 number clouds and 20 base ten block clouds to combine together for 20 colorful pots of gold!

Pot of Gold Base 10 Blocks

Pot of Gold Base Ten Block Match

This activity works with numbers to 100. Depending on what you want your students to work on, you can choose to use all of the puzzles or you could hand-select some in a specific number range.

Since there are 20 puzzles in all, that makes 40 pieces, which can be overwhelming for some learners depending on what they are ready to tackle.

In my small group of kindergarteners, we started with 10 puzzles (20 individual pieces) and then added more as we completed them.

We first spread out the number clouds face up across the table so that we could easily see them.

Then, we put the base ten pot of gold cards in a pile to draw from.

We took turns pulling a pot of gold card and counting the base ten blocks together “10, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 blocks.

Pot of Gold Base 10 Blocks

Then, we looked for a number 27 cloud to pair it with to make the complete rainbow.

We kept pulling the base ten block cards and matching them up with their other half until all of our rainbows were complete!

Grab Your Download

Ready to work on numbers to 100 with base ten blocks, too? Grab your copy of this pot of gold base ten block match by clicking the button below and then hop over to find our super fun Place Value Cover Up activity in our shop!


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