2D Shapes Sorting Activity

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Looking for a print and play 2D shape activity your kids will love? This sorting activity is great to use as an interactive notebook, assessment tool or math center.

Grab your set below and then hop over and snag our 2D Shape Activity Pack too!

2D Shapes Sorting Activity

One of the ways we love to introduce shapes to our students is by having them look at the world around them for common geometric shapes. Once they are able to identity these various shapes, we like to expand their learning with a fun sorting craftivity.

Getting Started

To get started with our 2D shapes activity, we gathered:

  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • shape flaps and real world objects printables
  • optional: crayons and/or markers

We printed and copied the shapes printables so that each student would have a piece of construction paper and both shape sheets.

2D Shapes Sorting Activity

Depending on the child, you may want to pre-assemble the shapes mat with the title and various flaps already glued down.

If you use math journals, an alternative option is to glue these flaps in the journal instead of construction paper.

2D Shapes Sorting Activity

To adhere the flaps, apply a thin layer of glue to the top of the flap.

2D Shapes Sorting Activity

2D Shapes Sorting Activity

Once the mat was assembled, we had students cut out the mixed up real world objects.

Then students used the mat to sort each object onto the corresponding shape. After everything was sorted correctly, they glued each object underneath the shape flap.

For example, students glued the “button” picture under the “circle” shape flap.

2D Shapes Sorting Activity

They continued working until they had glued 3 objects for each shape.

Early finishers colored in their pictures and shapes in order to make their craft more visually appealing.

2D Shapes Extension Activity

With the weather being so nice this time of year, we were excited to take our students outside for a “shape nature hunt!”

It was a great extension to our sorting activity and allowed us to have a discussion together about what natural objects found in nature correspond to the shapes they have been studying.

Students could even draw and write about their findings in their math journals!

Grab Your Set

Click on the blue button below to download your free 2D shapes sort and then hop over to snag our shape task cards and pattern block mats, too!

2D Shapes Sorting Activity

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