3D Shape Puzzles

There are so many parts that go with learning about 3D shapes and these playful puzzles are a great way to tie it all together!

Scroll down to grab the freebie then make sure to jump over and grab our free 2D shape sort too.

Getting Ready

To prep, I printed off the puzzles, ran them through the laminator and cut out the individual puzzle pieces.

I like to laminate when I’m using an activity in the classroom because it makes the pieces extra durable and allows me to keep them and use them again as needed.

Tip: While I chose to make the puzzles normal size, you could print the puzzles out extra large and use them as a whole-class matching game at the start or end of your learning session.

3D Shape Puzzles

Working with a small group of students, I placed the square-based pyramid label in the center of the table and explained that they would need to find three bottom pieces that fit with it:

  • a line drawing of the shape
  • a count of its faces, vertices and edges
  • a real world object that matched

The kids were eager to get started so they quickly found the line drawing and slid it into the first spot.

To help them figure out how many faces, vertices and edges it had, I gave them a square-based pyramid model that we had in our set of 3D shapes and had them count them.

Then they found the matching piece and placed that in the next spot on our puzzle.

With just one piece left to go, I challenged them to think of a few real world objects that were square-based pyramids. It was a stretch but one child remembered seeing a picture of the Louvre pyramid in a book and another student excitedly recalled the Egyptian pyramids.

Viola! It was a match.


The children continued working their way through the set of puzzles until all pieces had been matched.

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