Linear Measurement Scavenger Hunt

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When it comes to teaching kids about linear measurement, this playful, hands-on scavenger hunt is a quick and easy way to make practice fun.

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Getting Ready

Prepping this linear measurement activity was as quick as it comes!

I simply printed off the record sheet (below) and grabbed our bin of building bricks and a stack of forks.

(I used our DUPLOS because they’re a little bit larger but you could swap them out for LEGOS or unifix cubes instead.)

Linear Measurement Scavenger Hunt

When it was time, I gave my 6 year-old the scavenger hunt and challenged her to measure each item on the sheet. She was excited for the challenge!

She grabbed a shoe first and lined up the bricks along the righthand side – making sure to align the bottom of the first brick with the bottom of the shoe so that her measurement would be accurate.

One item after the next, she measured first with bricks and then with forks (which turned out to get LOTS of giggles!).

Snag Your Copy

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