Build a Snowman Clock

Children love to build snowmen this time of year, which is why this snowman clock is the perfect activity to have them introduce telling time. 


Having students make their own interactive clocks is an essential part of teaching time. As they build their analog clock, learners:

  • Identify and correctly place the numbers on their clock
  • Compare the minute and hour hands
  • Create their own math manipulative to practice telling time

Getting Started

To get started with this activity, we first gathered our materials:

  • clock printables
  • cardstock
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • glue
  • metal brads

We like to print and copy the printables on cardstock paper to make the clocks more durable.


Building a Snowman Clock

Now our students were ready to start building! We gave each child a snowman clock printable and a half sheet of the clock numbers and hands.

We had them cut and glue the numbers onto the clock, and cut out and color the clock hands.

To visually see the difference between each hand, we had students color them different colors. Then we helped kids secure the hands to the center of their clocks with a brad.


Once the clock was built, students cut out their snowman and were ready to tell time!

Extension Activities

We have so many uses for these completed clocks! One of the most meaningful ways we use them is to call out various times and have the students manipulate their clocks to show us the time.

Also, when we post our daily schedule, we have children use the clocks to show us the times for school events such as recess, lunch, reading, etc.

Once we completed our time practice in class, our students loved taking the clocks home to extend the learning with their family.

We hope your little ones enjoy building their snowman clocks as much as ours do!

Grab Your Set

Click the blue button below to download your free snowman clock and then hop over and snag our Telling Time Pack too!

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