STEM Pamphlets

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I don’t know about you, but oftentimes in my class, we transition quickly from one lesson to the next. I was finding that we were missing a very powerful piece of our lesson: the reflection.  To help kids make greater connections to our STEM activities, I created a batch of simple STEM pamphlets so they could reflect on their learning, increase understanding and build critical thinking skills after a math, science, STEM or STEAM lesson.

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STEM Pamphlets

Getting Ready

Prep was super easy!

I printed the front and back of each version of the STEM pamphlet on colored paper to give them a fun pop. The four options were:

  • Science
  • Math
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
  • STEAM (STEM plus art)

STEM Pamphlets

I purposefully made extra copies of these pamphlets so that kids could take them home, too!

STEM Pamphlets: Science

After our science lesson later that day, I handed each child the science pamphlet and encouraged them to talk about what happened.

We cleared up any misconceptions, thought out loud about what they learned, and made sure everyone understood the big idea.

We also used this time to share interesting facts and applying it to the real world which was so powerful!

Then, students started recording their ideas in the pamphlet.

STEM Pamphlets

STEM Pamphlets: Math

We talk about numbers… a lot.

Sometimes all the math concepts can seem overwhelming. After our next math lesson, I handed out the reflection sheet to extend the discussion.

STEM Pamphlets

The STEM pamphlet was a great way to share vocabulary, challenges kids faced and questions they still had about the concept.

STEM/STEAM Pamphlets

One thing I love about STEM and STEAM activities is that they encourage students to solve problems while also looking at improving the design.

To make sure that the kids have time to plan and reflect, I started handing out the review while they were still at the STEAM or STEM center.

It was a great way to recap!

STEM Pamphlets

STEM Pamphlets

Grab Your Download

Want to try out the reflection STEM pamphlets in your class?  Click the blue button below to snag your freebie and then make sure to jump over and grab our Endless STEM Bundle, too!

STEM Pamphlets

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