Butterfly Color by Code

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Addition doesn’t have to be done just with flashcards. Make addition exciting for kids with this playful color by code activity! When they’re done with their facts, they’ll have colored a gorgeous butterfly!

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Getting Ready

When it came to prep, this couldn’t have been easier!

I simply printed the page and then grabbed our batch of crayons.

That’s it! We were ready to play.

Color by Code

Before handing over the sheet, we talked about two different ways to complete the activity:

First, we could solve each problem and write the answer with a pencil before coloring the box.

On the other hand, we could solve the problem and immediately color the answer.

My first grader was feeling confident with his addition skills, so he decided to go with the second option.

Working on one box at a time, he found the sum and colored according to the key.

He worked his way through the paper until the entire page was complete. As a result, he ended up with a gorgeous butterfly! Additionally, he had brushed up on tons of addition facts.

The simple craftivity was such a fun way to practice sums to 8!

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